Why are roller pens commonly used by the public?
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Why are roller pens commonly used by the public?

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Roller pen as a member of the office supplies writing pen is used by people more and more often. What are the advantages of using a ballpoint pen? It is worth being loved and recognized by more and more people. Here's an introduction for you.

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l  What are the advantages of roller pens?

l  Why do people like to use roller pens?

What are the advantages of roller pens?

First, the writing sex is stable. The pigment of roller pen ink is the dye. Ink colors are mainly blue, red, and black, especially blue ink is used the most. In the past, the pigment component of blue ink is salt-based product blue and salt-based green lotus, the solvent is oxidized castor oil, ricinolein acid. Because the salt-based dyes are not resistant to light, heat, acid, and alkali, the durability is poor, has been eliminated. Now the market used is brand new ink, with which the handwriting written durability is better. Second, long service life. Compared with fountain pens or unisex pens, ballpoint pens have a much longer service life. Because of the high viscosity of roller pen ink, so when writing, the handwriting is clear and the consumption of ink is very little. If the writing paper is stained with water, the fountain pen handwriting neutral pen handwriting can easily be blurred. However, the ballpoint pen's own can still see very clearly. Third, the price is cheap and easy to carry. The ballpoint pen is generally two core components barrel and refill. The pen barrel is generally plastic products, so the production cost of ballpoint pens is low, the price will also be relatively cheap.

Why do people like to use roller pens?

For students, the roller pen writes smoothly and allows them to complete their learning tasks better and faster. And ballpoint pens are more affordable and do not easily cause a big financial burden to students. At the same time, because the ink of ballpoint pens is more durable on paper, it is not easily erased, which is a great convenience for students as it reduces the possibility of completing learning tasks twice by using pencils. For office workers, ballpoint pens are lighter and suitable for carrying. No matter when and where, when office workers need to record something, they can always and timely record to, which gives office workers to complete their work tasks also provides great convenience. And it is for these reasons, people are increasingly dependent on the use of roller pens, ballpoint pens are gradually popular and recognized by the public.

There is a reason why everything is gradually appearing in the public eye and gradually being loved by the public. It is because the roller pen has so many advantages that we often use it. At the same time, the production of ballpoint pens manufacturers is also remarkable, do not look at just a small ballpoint pen, the production process is very complex and detailed. Our company is the production of ballpoint pen company, we have been upholding a serious and responsible attitude to work, seriously produce a good ballpoint pen, the best quality ballpoint pen to everyone. If you have a roller pen need, you can consult our company's website, which has a variety of ballpoint pens for you to choose from, our company's website is http://en-site46710035.micyjz.com/.

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