Why recycle roller pens?
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Why recycle roller pens?

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I believe we have all used roller pens, and as a very common item in our lives, it will be with us for a long time. But why should we recycle roller pens? And what is the role of recycling ballpoint pens? I believe that everyone's heart is also full of doubts, so the next is a brief introduction for you.

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l  What is the reason for recycling roller pens?

l  What is the purpose of recycling roller pens?

What is the reason for recycling roller pens?

There are two sources of recycled roller pens, one is that this industry is very profitable, and the other is for the sake of environmental protection, while also saving a lot of materials. There are very limited ways to recycle roller pens, and it also takes a lot of effort and time to recycle them back. At the same time, this can also generate a lot of profit. The other thing is for environmental protection and material saving, because in the past our country was built without the means to produce ballpoints and had to rely on imports, and this time we can't rely on it for a long time. So combined with these two aspects, many people began to recycle ballpoint pens.

What is the purpose of recycling roller pens?

The first is the production of bearings. Many people will feel that this is an incredible thing, but the fact is that many companies do, the principle is the same because the steel ball inside the roller pen and the steel ball used in the bearing is the same type, are made of steel. So, this time after recycling can be reused to other aspects, and will not cause a waste of resources. Second, recycle steel balls. Why do you say to recycle the steel ball, because once we are very restricted by this product, it can be said that the whole roller pen except this thing we cannot produce, other than all can be produced? A small pen tip can be divided into two parts, part of the steel ball, part of the ball seat body, our country can produce steel balls, and this steel ball is 0.5-1.0 mm diameter tungsten carbide ball beads made, and ball seat body again before has always been dependent on imports. The core material of the ball seat body is stainless steel material, and this stainless-steel material is expensive, so in 2011, the country proposed to vigorously study the production, and finally, in 2016 we produced our own ball seat body. So, whether it is a steel ball or ball seat body are very important to work materials, this time the recycling is also naturally very good. Third, arts and crafts products. In addition to the above two cases, can also be made into very beautiful arts and crafts products, here mainly refers to the refill, after the refill is selected, can be made into beautiful lamp jewelry, but also can be made into a row of art.

Recycling roller pens can be a very difficult thing to do, not only takes a lot of time, but also requires a lot of effort, but it is also a very good thing, because not only can create value for society, but also can save a lot of resources, so to speak, a multi-benefit. If you still want to know more, you can visit our company website for a more in-depth understanding at http://en-site46710035.micyjz.com/.

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