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What are the precautions for using Ball Pen?
05-08 2023

From the moment we learn how to write, we get to know how to use Ball Pens. Ball Pens occupy an important place in our entire academic life. We think we know it well, but it also has its little secrets that are largely ignored in our daily lives.

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What are the classifications of Ball Pens?
05-02 2023

There are many varieties and styles of Ball Pens, and the quality is divided into high, medium, and low grades. The following will explain in detail.Here is the content list:Water-based Ball PenOil-based Ball PenNeutral Ball PenSpace penErasable Ball PenWater-based Ball PenAlso known as a Ball Pen o

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What are the benefits of recycling Ball Pens?
05-01 2023

I think most people have used Ball Pens. It doesn't need to be sharpened with a knife like a pencil or breaks when dropped on the ground. It doesn't pick up ink as often as a pen and dries out over time.

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What are the advantages of Ball Pens?
04-27 2023

Ballpoint pens are the favorite of some elementary school students and writing workers, because ballpoint pens write clearly, can change the refill, and are more durable. But ballpoint pens also have many shortcomings. The most prominent is the ink of the ballpoint pen, which easily stains clothes.

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The making process of ink
04-26 2023

China is the hometown of ink. Since ancient times, there have been rules for making ink, from ink pill to ink, from pine smoke to oil smoke ink, all of which embody the essence of the ink method. In Chinese art, both Chinese painting and calligraphy attach great importance to the control of ink.

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